Useful St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas for travelers

. Patrick’s Day is approaching quickly, so it’s time to start preparing and buying gifts for your loved ones. Shopping for a traveler, on the other hand, might be difficult: you need to find something lightweight and functional that they will bring on their next trip, whether it’s mountain trekking or visiting a tropical region.  You won’t find typical Irish presents like shamrock-shaped jewelry or blanket with Celtic motifs in our guide, but you will discover useful, versatile tools that any traveler would appreciate on such a day.

Passport holder

If you want to give your friend a truly special St. Patrick’s Day gift, get them a green leather passport holder. Since he travels so often, he’ll need to use his documents frequently, thus a nice case with shamrock decorations will keep his passport and other belongings safe from any damage and will bring him the much-needed luck of the Irish during his trips. If it has enough compartments, such a cover may even double as a wallet, holding all of the credit cards, medical insurance, tickets, cash, and plenty of other little but essential items that every traveler needs to keep organized.

Portable toothbrush sanitizer

Although traveling can be tiresome and intense, especially when visiting locations in the heart of nature where there are few to no facilities, it is important to maintain proper hygiene at all times. A portable toothbrush holder with UV sanitizing would be an excellent gift for someone who likes traveling because, in addition to its primary purpose of sanitizing, it is also lightweight, small, and won’t take up too much room even in carry-on luggage.

Merino wool Irish sweater

An Irish sweater is a must-have for any St. Patrick’s Day gift guide, but instead of focusing on how beautiful and elegant these clothes are, let’s look at why they’ll make a wonderful present for a traveler. Merino wool is the most popular fabric among travelers, and for good reason. It’s light, breathable, water and odor resistant, offers natural UV protection, and helps to regulate body temperature, making it ideal for all seasons. Visit Irish stores as this one  for not just these authentic wool Irish sweaters, but also a variety of additional online St. Patrick’s Day gifts ideas.

Water bottle with filter

As previously mentioned, traveling can sometimes get pretty intense, and a traveler might get themselves into the situation of having no access to clean and safe drinking water. This is when your gift will come in handy: a water bottle with a filter that purifies the liquid and makes it drinkable with no eventual health risks. Such a bottle purifies the water of viruses, heavy metals, inorganic particles, as well as bacteria, and any parasites. This is a present that surely deserves to be splurged on, as a high-quality water bottle with such a filter can hydrate, protect from diseases, and even save someone’s life. To make this gift truly traditional and appropriate for such a holiday like St. Patrick’s Day, look for a green cup with Celtic patterns: the shamrock for good luck, the tree of life as a symbol of balance and strength, and the cross for the four elements and the connection between man and God.

Travel plug adapter

A plug adaptor is one of the most important items to pack on a journey that most people seem to forget about. If you or your traveler friend are considering a trip to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day, keep in mind that the Irish use a type G plug, which is different from other European countries. A travel outlet power adapter should undoubtedly have a place in a traveler’s luggage because it is compact, works with the majority of outlets in places all over the world, and is relatively inexpensive.