Unique Idea Of Getting A Ring Engraved For Your Loved Ones.

For a couple, the wedding and engagement ring is going to be very important. They are one-of-a-kind symbols of devotion and love between you both. So, why don’t you make your rings a lot more special by engraving a message for each other on the band?

Getting an engraved or a romantic inscription on the ring is a style followed back in the middle age. The rings would be engraved with some kind of poetry or romantic sentiments. This tradition became such a common means of romanticizing a connection that even Shakespeare gave a reference to poesie rings in the plays he directed.

So why give up on this tradition with a ring engraved of your own? Whether it is your wedding ring or engagement ring or even a promise ring getting an engraved message on it makes it more special for your loved one and looks like a beautiful bond that is there between both of you. With the ability to get your rings custom engraved the options are endless.

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Here are a few romantic ideas that you can use for making a unique inscription:

I Promise Ring:

If you are planning to get a promise ring then make sure to keep your pledge clear with an I Promise engraved. The job should be done with the word I Promise, but you can take a step ahead by engraving the actual promises inside the band like, to cherish and love, to marry you, etc.

Get your romantic vows engraved:

Get your version of the vows engraved on your ring or the expression of your love will also work. You can keep it very simple like an I love you or use single words like “eternity”, or “forever”. You can even get something lengthier like “to have and to hold”. Choose a phrase that fits well for you and your partner’s bond.

Get a touch of your native language in your message:

If you and your partner speak a specific language or come from a foreign background, you can get a ring engraved in that particular language. You just have to choose a language and the engraving can be done easily on the band.

Make your name engraved as a message:

You may like the idea of having a ring engraved, but you do even want to keep it simple. You can get yours and your partner’s name engraved in the band so that each person can wear a ring with the other person’s name engraved on it or use special nicknames you gave each other engraved on the rings, it would make it more personal and special.

Rings signed with love:

A very popular and even more personal twist of getting a ring with your name engraved on it in your own handwriting. Modern technology has made this seem easy. You can get these custom-made rings for your loved ones in your own handwriting.

Make your loved one feel special with a specially engraved ring that he or she will wear it life long.