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If you want to know, which is one of the main and the strongest growing open marketplace in Germany is One of the best parts that you will know about Kaufland online marketplace is that it has some of the best wide ranging sales channel that has more than 4,500++ range of products. The products that sells and which people can sell on the site of are DIY products, electronics, gardening, home-ware, and sports including outdoor. Apart from that, Kaufland is also making some investments in Australia by inking deals to buy land. is connected with Schwarz group, which belongs to biggest retailer in Europe. is popular throughout Europe and Germany.

Fresh & Wholesome Food –

Apart from that, has a multi-channel marketing, customer’s payment process, and additional services etc. are there and it is all included in the T&C of the, which is very legit.  Another thing, which you will know about the services of, is that it takes care of the surrounding and the people who work for them and its customers. This company online is known for providing the consumers with fresh foods and wholesome food items. Apart from that, the company also has branded products apart from that Kaufland also has its own branded products. So, the shoppers or consumers who are selective can choose various types of certified foods like that of vegan organic certified and GMO-free food products and many more.

Good Experience for Consumers –

Some other kinds of food items that sells which comes under the grocery are fresh produce, foods that are made or cooked, baked food items, milk products, non-veg foods and many more like frozen food etc. One of the pivotal objectives of is to offer the consumer a one –stop shop experience, where the consumers can get all the items from food, to grocery to electronics to DIY products and many more. Plus, one more good thing that you will know about is that it also consists of medicine shops and household items, office items like that of supplies, textiles, electronics and kids play item and much more.

Sell Products on –

People who are interested in selling their DIY products can now sell these products on Most of the people choose to sell their items on eBay, Amazon and many other sites, but compared to all of this is simple. is one of the simplest platforms where you can sell your items. You can switch to Kaufland online Marktplatz and start selling your products or items or goods and services. Be it you are selling food, or fruits or electronics or some artwork, you should link with kaufland retailer online. Apart from all of these, you will benefit more than 20% in these platforms compared to that of Amazon. If you want reasons to know that, why you should be selling on kaufland retailer is because it has more than 1,200++ stores all around the world in eight countries. In addition, there are not many hassles when you try to sell an item here.

Expando is Needed to Access –

Also, if you think that is some new company that is new to the market globally and there are less number of visitors, then you are totally wrong. Kaufland has around more than thirty million consumers who visit its site every month. It stands among the top three shopping platform i.e. eBay and Amazon and the 3rd one if  If you want to pair the products then you will have to use expando app and you will be able to do it through EAN. Apart from that, when you use site and purchase any product, but want to return or exchange it, then you can even do that, through or with the help of the customer support team. It is very important for both buyers and sellers to switch to expnado application for confirming orders or making an order in also includes a multi-channel marketing tool which includes SEO, cost comparison site, social media and much more.

Online Payments & No Contract –

You can make online payments on or you can also pay on delivery, but whatever it is, they accept all kinds of payments on this site. Plus, one of the most important thing for you to know is that offers a very authentic and clear condition for deals, whether you are a customer buying any product or you are a business person selling your goods. You don’t have to enter into any kind of contract with them or get into contract period with them when you are selling your products, it is just an individual agreement that you will have to enter with