How to Spot the Difference Between Fake and Authentic Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are mainly used for two purposes. People wear it to protect their eyes from outer elements and to be safe from eye diseases caused by the sun. There are loads of online and offline traders selling ranges of sunglasses that can be fake as well. Thus, it is a hard task for a buyer to opt for the original sunglasses.

Now, wearing sunglasses has become a fashion, thus there are quite a lot of variants of it available in both online and offline markets. All varying in quality, make, design and price. Moreover, there are fake ones sold as well. That is the basic reason for people to opt for buying sunglasses and other accessories from reliable online shops like Thicle Street. There you get the best sunglasses at a reasonable price.

Here is how to pick the real sunglasses:

  • You can examine the logo and the brand name. the logos or brand name is printed on the lens and arms of the sunglasses or it will be on the inside earpiece. Sometimes the brand name is misspelled thus check the spelling online. The manufacturer’s website will provide the required insight.
  • The model number of the sunglasses is another identification to note whether it is fake or not. It will be printed on the frames of the sunglasses. You can check the model online and read the comments of its earlier users. If the number isn’t listed on the manufacturer’s website then it is a fake.
  • The real sunglasses that are durable and branded are available in a pack having the logo of the brand. The box will have the barcode and information printed by the manufacturer. Some authentic brands even provide a guaranteed certificate in the pack.
  • The real sunglasses will have balanced frames that aren’t lightweight. The frames will be symmetrical when you place them open on a plain surface. You can check whether they are comfortable to wear as the original one would have designed frames that are suitable to wear the sunglasses for many hours.
  • The glass and the frames would be smooth without any scratches. The hinges will help the arms of the sunglass to open with ease. They won’t have any screw loose and will be fixed correctly.

You can make a thumb rule to buy from reliable shops whether it is online or inline. The reviews of the seller’s customers would hint you to know if the shop is reliable or not. Many unreliable online sellers never give the option of returns thus, stay away from such seller’s websites.

Flimsy, lightweight sunglasses aren’t durable. The lenses are of superior quality sunglasses are mostly made of tinted fibre and have the logo printed on the edges of the sunglass. It is a fake if the printed words come out while slightly scratching it. Many customers try to identify by verifying the price of the chosen sunglasses. Unfortunately, it isn’t right way to guess as even fake sunglasses are sold at the same prices as authentic sunglasses.

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