How to Add a Magnetic Snap Closure to a Project?

There are other sorts of magnetic snaps on the market, including sew-in snaps, hidden snaps, and decorative sew-in snaps, but here you will see how to install the most common type – magnetic snaps with prongs and washers – today.

You will need the following items to install magnetic snaps:

  • A complete set of magnetic closures consisting of four parts: male and female snaps, as well as two washers
  • To indicate the snap placement, use lightweight interfacing, a fusible fleece, or heavyweight foam stabiliser pen or tailor’s chalk.
  • Cut the inaugural in the cloth fabric pieces where you wish to install the snap closure with small scissors or a retractable blade.
  • Putting the magnetic snaps closure on

Separate the components of your magnetic snap closure.

Depending on the project, you may need to first fuse or sew in interfacing or stabiliser to the wrong side of the fabric. Examine the sewing instructions’ part on cutting and interfacing before you buy from a magnet supplier.

If your pattern does not call for interfacing, it is still a good idea to interface at least the area where the magnetic snap will be added, so transfer the magnetic snap placement from the pattern piece, alternatively use the information in the sewing instructions or your own preference, and fuse a small piece of interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric.

Place the magnetic snap washer on top of the dot and draw a line through the cloth where the snap’s prongs will be pushed.

Cut through the prong placement marks with tiny scissors or a retractable blade knife. If you prefer, you can use a seam ripper, but be careful not to cut the fabric any farther than necessary. To keep the seam ripper from sliding too far, use a pin.

Make the opening slightly smaller than the lines. The fabric will expand to accommodate the prongs, but if the holes are too large, the snap will be too loose.

Add a little amount of Fray stop adhesive to the cuts if desired.

Take the “male” snap and press both prongs through the slits from the right side of the fabric.

Insert the washer over the prongs and bend them in the other way if you used a foam stabiliser. Insert a little piece of stabiliser or fleece over the prongs before inserting a washer to offer greater stability and strength when just lightweight interfacing is used.

Cover the entire snap region with fusible interfacing to protect the exterior fabric and complete the flap according to the pattern’s sewing directions.

Rep the process to install the “female” part of the magnetic snap, then finish your item by following the remaining steps in the pattern instructions.

You can now include a magnetic snap into any project!

How can you strengthen a magnetic clasp?

If you can find an extremely powerful magnet, brush it against your weaker magnet several times. The magnetic domains within the weakened magnet will be realigned by the strong magnet. Stacking magnets Stacking weak magnets together is one approach to make them stronger.