Hair Colouring – Importance

We all want a transformed look after some time. We all get bored of our dull and tired tresses. Thus, to overcome this problem, it is best to change our hair colour. Why? Well, hair colours boost our look and transform our appearance from head to toe. Hair colouring is an artistic and fantastic experience that one must go through at least once. As far as the hair shades of women are concerned, there are a lot of hair colours for women to choose from and trust us, the colours are just amazing!

When our locks are dense and natural, we should add a little bit of colour to amp up their look. Adding a warm or funky hue to the locks can completely change our look. But how to know which colour will look good on us? Well, it’s simple. We can undertake the jewellery test and know our skin tone. Once we know our skin tone we can narrow down the hair colours that we can try.

Well, as far as the jewellery test is concerned, take two pieces of it, i.e., gold and silver. Try on the gold jewellery. If it looks good on you, then you have a skin tone. Similarly, try on the silver jewellery. If that looks good on you, then you have a cool skin tone. If both pieces of jewellery look good on you, then you have a neutral skin tone. Once you determine your skin tone, selecting colours is quite an easy task.

For instance, with a warm skin tone, shades of brown look good. Similarly with cool skin tones, shades of purple and red look good. But if you have a neutral skin tone, every hair shade will look good on you. It’s a boon actually, to have a neutral skin tone.

Also, to get your hair coloured, you must use natural hair dye. Godrej Expert Rich Crème is a natural hair dye that is enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Amla, etc., which nourishes your hair and minimises hair damage. It strengthens our locks and boosts hair growth as well. Thus, to give our hair love and colour, we need organic hair dyes. So, in this article, we will be discussing about the best shades of red and violet that suit both warm and cool skin tones and undertones. So, without further ado, let us begin!

Best Hair Colours for Women – Top Shades to try

Colouring hair means giving a new look to oneself. And this is possible when we select the right shade for ourselves. Selecting the right shade can elevate our look. But a wrong shade can destroy our look. Thus, it is very important to get the shade right. Further, it is up to you regarding which hair technique you wish to go for. You can opt for balayage, highlights, lowlights, babylights, etc. Ask your hair colourist to suggest something phenomenal. Below is the list of the best hair shades for you to try this season. Have a look!

  1. Vibrant Red-Violet Hair Shade

Give your hair a completely transformed look with this amazing shade. Red- violet hair shade gives you an electric magenta hue that is an edgier take on the pink hair trend. This year, this hair colour is reaching heights because it is a fantasy shade and we know, you wish to try it once! Go for a global hair colouring technique with this hair shade. This is definitely a head-turning colour. Style this shade with a simple half-up loose braid so that your colour and mane are beautifully evident. Try out this shade now!

  1. Dark Violet to Rose Gold Hair Shade

This hair shade is an unusual and totally dreamy shade that can only be achieved with a lot of expertise and patience. This shade includes a heavy to the light transition of the shade that makes your tresses look absolutely amazing. This hair shade is dark at the roots and becomes lighter as it reaches the ends. Styling your hair in loose waves will amp up the look of the hair colour. This shade is based on a transition that needs to be done carefully to give your mane a gorgeous look. Try out this shade and set a trend wherever you go!

  1. Magenta-Violet Hues Hair Shade

The red velvet cake is for eating and the red velvet hair has become a necessity to try! Just by looking at this hair shade, it will make you crave for purple hair. This is a reflected hair colour that gives your various hues of red and purple while you turn in any direction! Pair up this shade with the ombre hair colouring technique to give it a chic look. Also, get an edgy, angled haircut done to add a tinge of style to your hair. You can go for the global hair colouring technique as well. Both will look good. Try out this shade now and give your locks some vibrancy!

  1. Red-Violet with Highlighted Hair

Auburn is a rich shade that remains all seasons and never goes out of style. When this shade is paired with blonde highlights, it becomes classy and luxurious. This hair colour is perfect for an everyday look. It suits with medium and long hair, thereby adding depth and dimension to your lock. All the shades blend effortlessly with one another and give your mane a rich look. Style your long hair in curls so that all the shades are visible. Give your hair an edgy and chic look from root to tip with this amazing hair shade. This shade is high-maintenance so make sure you are going to the salon for touch-ups. Try out this shade now!

  1. Deep Red-Violet Hair Shade

Here comes the dashing and sizzling way to colour without the commitment of having it all! Deep red-violet shade at the ends gives a completely different and beautiful look to your tresses. This shade looks amazing with short hair and can be styled in many ways. This is a low-maintenance shade and is great to try! Style your hair in beach waves or soft curls to make this hair colour evident. Also, this shade blends perfectly with natural black hair. Thus, you must try this hair shade at least once.

  1. Dark Red-Violet Hair Shade

Give your hair a deep version of burgundy with a dark red-violet hair shade. This hair colour is marvellous for women who have long, wavy hair. This shade is neither too bright nor too light. Just keep in mind that this is a high-maintenance shade. But once you get this hair shade done, you will not regret it! Try out this hair colour and give your hair a bold and beautiful look!

So, these are some of the best hair colours for women to try this season! These hair colours suit all complexions and undertones. Since this shade is high-maintenance, it is best you opt for a natural hair dye. Godrej Expert Rich Crème is infused with natural ingredients that nourish your strands and minimise hair damage. Burgundy is one of the shades of this organic dye that you can try to colour your hair red-violet. Try out these shades and tell us about your experience!