Adorn yourself with stunning gold rings for all occasions!

One of the more ubiquitous ornaments, rings have been used to display wealth and as a vessel of affection for centuries now. Rings are probably the most popular type of ornament, and gold rings have traditional importance in many customs worldwide. However, most people do not give much thought to the various styles available among rings and the many meanings they have. Read to know more about some of these styles and find the one most apt for the occasion!

Various styles of gold rings

Here are some of the most common types of gold rings that are available:

  1. Anniversary Bands

Generally used for renewing wedding vows, these bands are differentiated because they do not have a clear ‘top’ where the stones are set. Instead, the stones are mostly set within the borders to make for a subtle and unique design. You can go for bands embellished with stones or just solid metal with a lovely inscription for a more personalised gift.

  1. Birthstone Rings

Birthstone gold rings are also one of the more popular styles available among rings. The focus in gold birthstone rings is on the stone rather than the metal, and these are most suited as birthday gifts for close friends and family or yourself! The stone would depend on your birth month, so there are twelve options you can choose from.

  1. Cluster Rings

One of the more ornate gold rings, cluster rings are usually a combination of a gold band with a more expensive set of stones at the top. The centrepiece comprises a large stone with multiple smaller stones surrounding the centre in a halo so that the arrangement looks like a cluster of these stones. Due to their ornate design, these are best for fancy and dressy affairs.

  1. Solitaire Ring

The most popular choice for engagement and wedding rings, these rings have become synonymous with eternal love and a promise of togetherness. Although these are designed so that the gem appears to be the centre of attention, the band, best suited in white gold, makes the ideal vehicle for carrying this stunning piece.

  1. Side Stone Rings

Side stone rings are similar to solitaire rings, but the main difference is that the band also has gems set within for some extra pizzazz. The gems within the band can either match the gem at the top for a uniform look or be a different shape and colour to add variety to your ring.

These are only a few types of gold rings that you can choose from. While there are many more stunning styles, consider your purpose of purchasing these and your comfort when buying a gold ring!