5 Ways To Elevate Your Style With White Sneakers

No matter how many shoes you have in your closet, if you don’t have trusty white, stylish Yeezy Boost 350 White sneakers, then you are missing out a lot. With a white pair of your sneakers, the sky’s the limit. You can easily use your creativity to dominate your fashion game among your friends.

To help you maximize your white sneakers, here are the top five easy ways of elevating your style with just white sneakers in your closet.

1- Pair them with shorts

Shorts and sneakers are a perfect match. But, sometimes, the look can be pretty hard to pull off. It is because shorts and sneakers can appear a little gym-worthy instead of looking casual summer outfit.

So, instead of opting for a bulky silhouette, opt for a slim look. Canvas, for instance, can prove a better option.

2- Match them with black jeans

One easy way of achieving a minimal look is going for a monochrome look with black everything but the shoes.

White shoes to a complete back outfit will balance the outfit from looking too heavy in the daylight hours.

Whether you want to go high or low, the aim here is to keep things minimal.

3- Blend in them with chinos

Inspired by the American urban subculture, this look requires a slouchier silhouette.

To achieve this look, you will need a quality jersey, chinos, of course. Also, ensure to cuff the ankles and finish the entire look with a casual jacket – a sophisticated hoodie, the functional raincoat can work best, too.

When put together, you will achieve a slightly slouched yet relaxed urban mood.

4- Complete them with skinny jeans

Quality denim never goes out of style. Moreover, white sneakers with denim are something one should never miss out on, especially if making a style statement is your intention.

Go for double denim (of course, break it with a belt) or pair skinny jeans with plain apple-cut t-shirts. You can even cuff your straight-fit jeans to rock out like modern Paul Newman.

5- Pair them with a suit
Yes, we know you have your doubts about pairing formal suits with casual white sneakers.

However, white sneakers can easily pull off this look with a bit of effort and little creativity.

You can also add informalities to your tailored outfit with sneakers to rock your night-outs. Whatever brand you choose, keep your sneakers sleek and white and bright!

Are you ready to get your white sneakers?

After learning the five easy ways of wearing white kicks, you can now enjoy blending them in with your wardrobe outfits. So if you wish to have one, visit HYB to grab your own Yeezy Boost 350 White sneakers to look classy yet crisp every time.