4 Reasons To Opt For a Designer Lehenga For Your Wedding

Your trousseau is not just an occasional dress, it’s a whole bunch of moods and memories that you are going to preserve for a lifetime. If elegance is your true cup of tea and you don’t hesitate in flaunting some traditional royalty, Anita Dongre’s carefully curated Designer Lehengas are meant to grant all your wishes on your big day. 

A designer lehenga is not only going to be the talk of the town but is also going to be a reflection of you and your statement style. From endless colours to traditional motifs, ancient Indian textile art to exclusive custom designs, picture-perfect photography to the choicest of handwork, there are endless reasons that will make you choose a designer lehenga. 

We are listing 5 of our favourite reasons to pick nothing less than the exceptionally artistic bridal wear of the season!


Anita Dongre’s world of heritage luxury is crafted on the pillars of sustainability. With equal parts tradition and modernity that a bride desires, her line of fashion is not only exquisite but is also sustainable. With ethical fashion slowly taking the front row in conversations amongst conscious consumers and fashionistas, designers have started to re-think fashion and re-evaluate their offerings. From ethically sourced raw materials to manufacturing that doesn’t intervene with the ecosystem, the impact that sustainable fashion will leave on the planet is part of a larger picture. The Kivyaa Lehenga from Anita Dongre is one true example of how ethical fashion can be truly elegant and luxurious.


There is nothing more artisanal than a blend of vivid colours and motifs inspired from the age-old heritage of India. With carefully chosen fabrics and exceptional work done by master artisans, this Qirat Lehenga Set reflects the timeless beauty of Sindh architecture and presents itself in a blend of unique colours that will grace your special day with compliments that a bride is bound to treasure. Still need more reasons to get your hands on lehengas this wedding season?


Getting a designer lehenga is much like inheriting a piece of heirloom that you would proudly pass on to your friends, family, or even your next generation. This Valimai Lehenga Set, for example, is handcrafted in Benaras georgette and evokes a classic aura that will leave them spell-bound. The vivid colours and traditional craftsmanship is as eternal as this trousseau that deserves to be a part of your special ceremonies, and not just once, but every time the occasion calls for it.


Finding the perfect lehenga set might seem to be a tedious task at first but is worth all the effort that goes into it. Anita Dongre’s rich bridal wear will certainly leave you spoilt for choice. This Gahina Lehenga from the renowned fashion artist echoes royalty and perfection. This set is embellished with floral and geometric motifs in fine golden cord on a rich purple backdrop. With a fine balance between traditional and contemporary, for a modern bride, it is truly a dream come true.

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful and hand-picking the right trousseau is the first and foremost step towards that. After all, a special day deserves a special outfit. 

So find your bridal pick, choose the colours that speak your heart, and elevate your look and mood to something you won’t be able to get enough of. The magical touch of a hand-picked lehenga will forever grace all your picture-perfect memories.